Sibo breath test and others
Sibo breath test and others
Sibo breath test and others
Sibo breath test and others

Sibo breath test and others


Please select the desired breath test

  • SIBO - bacterial overgrowth lactulose
  • SIBO - Bacterial Overgrowth Glucose
  • SIBO - bacterial overgrowth fructose
  • Fructose malabsorption
  • Lactose malabsorption
  • Sorbitol malabsorption
  • sucrose malabsorption
  • or choose a combination of two tests

Included with every test result:
Our Sibolab recipe booklet with 35 mostly vegetarian recipes, specially tailored to the needs of irritable bowel and Sibo patients!

Which test is right for me?

Lactulose (Sibo Test)

In most cases, we use lactulose for the Sibo test. Because with lactulose, the deeper regions of the small intestine can also be reached. Lactulose cannot be metabolized by the body itself. Only the gut bacteria can do that. The gases produced during the decomposition process (hydrogen and methane) are measured and chronologically classified. An early rise indicates bacterial activity in the small intestine.

Combination lactulose test/fructose test (Sibo Test)

If the lactulose test is negative despite clear Sibo symptoms, it is advisable to carry out another breath test with fructose. This ensures that no bacteria have been overlooked. The fructose test should be carried out no earlier than two days after the lactulose test in order to rule out that there are still lactulose gases in the intestine.

Fructose (fructose malabsorption test / Sibo according to new findings)

Fructose is usually metabolized in the small intestine. This does not happen with fructose malabsorption and the fructose reaches the large intestine. The bacteria in the large intestine break down the fructose and produce hydrogen and methane in the process. This is measured with our fructose test via the air we breathe. In this way, fructose malabsorption (colloquially fructose intolerance) can be detected.

Please note:

An existing sibo can mask the fructose malabsorption. Because with a sibo, the bacteria are mistakenly settled in the small intestine and prematurely decompose the fructose there. Bacterial miscolonization (Sibo) can be detected, but this does not provide any information about possible fructose malabsorption.

Glucose (Sibo test)

Glucose is suitable for detecting a sibo in the front section of the small intestine. Glucose is already absorbed by the small intestine in the first section (high glycemic index). Therefore, a SIBO can only be recognized there, otherwise there is nothing left of the glucose to prove a SIBO in the rear section.

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