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We specialize in breathing gas analysis to determine bacterial activity in the small intestine. 

A large number of scientific studies have confirmed that in most cases, badly colonized bacteria in the small intestine trigger the irritable bowel symptoms.

A common ailment

Several million people in Germany suffer from constant digestive problems. Doctors often call this disease irritable bowel syndrome. The spread of this ailment is increasing rapidly. Many of those affected have gone through doctor odysseys without achieving permanent improvement.

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Incorrect settlement
in the small intestine?

There are several causes and triggers of irritable bowel syndrome. You may have bacteria in your small intestine by mistake. There they metabolize carbohydrates, the remains of which they would actually only use in the colon. This creates gases that cannot escape. This creates the bloated stomach that is so typical of a Sibo (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Breath gas test for the
Proof of a Sibo

The simplest and most effective method to date to diagnose such an over-colonization is a breath test. Since the problem-causing bacteria produce gases that are exhaled through the lungs, it is possible to measure incorrect colonization of these microorganisms through the breath.
To do this, you take a sugar solution and then measure the concentration of hydrogen and methane through your breath. Since the sugar (lactulose - not lactose) used is only broken down by bacteria, you can see whether and how many minutes after taking one or both of the gas values.

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SIBOLAB - The original

When Sibolab was founded in Berlin in 2015, we were the first laboratory in Germany to specialize in Sibo. In the meantime, the topic of irritable bowel syndrome and sibo has gained increasing attention and recognition. After all, irritable bowel syndrome is the most common gastrointestinal diagnosis worldwide.

Sibolab tests quickly and reliably.