Why can't I get rid of my IBS?


An irritated bowel can occasionally occur. However, if the symptoms last for weeks or months, we speak of irritable bowel syndrome.  

Many irritable bowel patients know this: recurring abdominal pain, flatulence, a bloated stomach and digestive problems. Certain foods are no longer tolerated and the menu becomes more and more restricted.  

Affected people have often already become real experts in the field of irritable bowel treatment and have already tried all irritable bowel home remedies, medicines and probiotics. Unfortunately, the symptoms are usually only slightly or briefly alleviated.  

Irritable bowel cause Sibo 

If you feel the same way, then there may be a SIBO (English abbreviation for "small intestinal bacterial overgroth"), a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, behind your irritable bowel symptoms.  

SIBO is the cause in around 75% of irritable bowel patients.  

A SIBO breath test gives you clarity about the cause of your irritable bowel symptoms and can help you finally start appropriate treatment.