Fructose breath test at home

Why is the fructose breath test at home an important test?

A pair of Fructose breath test (FRT) is a special test situation that is used to investigate fructose intolerance. It is used to find out whether someone is intolerant to fructose or not. The test can be used as part of diagnostics for various gastrointestinal disorders where fructose intolerance is suspected. In this test, the person's breath is measured to see if they are responding normally when ingesting fructose. The FRT offers a fast and efficient method for diagnosing fructose intolerance. It can also be used as a screening tool for digestive disorders where it is not known exactly which substance is causing the symptoms. If the fructose home breath test is positive, it means the person is having a hard time breaking down and digesting the fructose found in the food. So it is very likely that she suffers from an intolerance to this substance.

How is the fructose breath test performed at home?

There are different methods, one Fructose test for the home to perform. We offer you a quick and easy one Fructose breath test for at home. The most commonly used test consists of consuming fructose in combination with liquid. The test then measures the person's breath after 20 minutes and then at 20-minute intervals. In persons without intolerance, the respiratory value should not change significantly within this period; in people with intolerance, however, the respiratory value increases significantly. The results of the test quickly provide information about possible causes of digestive problems and thus help to decide on the right treatment method.