Small Intestinal Overgrowth Test

What is miscolonization of the small intestine and which test makes sense?

An small intestine overgrowth is a disorder of the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract caused by an imbalance of bacteria. Since there are many different types of bacteria in our bodies, they can easily be affected by food or environmental exposure. A miscolonization of the small intestine can lead to a number of symptoms that affect the general state of health of the person concerned. Some of the most common symptoms of small intestine overgrowth are indigestion, bloating and abdominal pain. Fatigue and sleep disturbances can also occur. Other possible symptoms include dizziness, irritability and difficulty concentrating, as well as skin rashes and allergies. In rare cases, serious symptoms such as chronic inflammatory processes can also occur. Do the small intestine colonization test now and be sure!

How is a small intestine miscolonization test done?

If you suspect a small intestine overgrowth a breath test should be done. Only after a thorough examination can it be determined whether SIBO is actually present and what treatment options are available. Treatment depends on the specific causes of the imbalance and may include medical or naturopathic therapies, as well as preventive measures and dietary changes. The small intestine miscolonization test can be ordered from us and carried out at home. We will send you your results after a short time.